Traffic Citations

At one point or another, you will probably get a traffic ticket. Issuing traffic citations is a source of revenue for the State of Nevada, and if they have a valid reason to put their hands in your pocket, you can be sure they will.

Instead of spending your time going down to the courthouse, waiting in line, waiting for your case to be called, trying to work something out with a City Attorney or Traffic Master, Trachtman Law will go to court for you. We will negotiate your case and fight for a favorable result. On those occasions where you did nothing wrong, we can also help protect your rights. Trachtman Law can make getting a traffic ticket a little less painful.

Please keep in mind that Trachtman Law cannot not guarantee, warrant or predict the outcome of your case.  The outcome of your particular case depends upon the facts and circumstances of your individual matter.

Questions concerning traffic citations?  Contact Trachtman Law today!

George has always been there for me. They are the best attorneys and I highly recommend them to all my friends. When I accidentally forgot about a traffic citation and a warrant was issued, they immediately took action. Every time I’m in trouble, no matter what it is, they are there for me.