Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Getting into an accident is an experience that can inflict significant psychological and physical damage.

No one wants to think about getting into an accident, but it’s important to consider your options concerning how to be best prepared for an accident of any kind, especially one that can have a serious impact on your life.

While all automotive accidents are dangerous, a motorcycle accident can have more serious outcomes for obvious reasons. You have a much higher probability of being ejected from the vehicle, and there are no airbags to reduce the impact. While motorcycle riders are often portrayed in media and entertainment as daredevils and vigilantes, the truth is that the vast majority of riders are completely normal drivers simply using a different form of transportation. But their vehicles are no less worthy of space on the road. Because of the increased stakes of an accident involving a motorcycle, it’s the duty of all to be aware and cautious of motorcyclists’ presence.

Nevada Motorcycle Laws

In order to be as safe as possible for your own sake and all drivers around you, it’s important to know the laws of where you’re riding. Nevada, like every other state, has unique rules and regulations that you should know.

Most importantly, a helmet is required by law for every driver regardless of age. Eye protection is legally required as well. You must also ensure that your motorcycle has a 1-2 headlights, tail lights, and turn signals (if built post-1973). If you have a passenger riding, you are also required to have a passenger seat and footrest. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list of motorcycle safety laws for the state, so make sure you do your own research for an exhaustive list before you ride. Obeying these laws will be good for your wallet, since you won’t get ticketed. More importantly, they intend to keep you safer if you follow all of these rules of the road, and will help you avoid a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Insurance

Unless you have an extremely broad auto insurance policy, your motorcycle (and therefore any motorcycle accident and injuries stemming from one) is not automatically covered. Because you can only register your bike if you get insurance for it, you have no choice but to get some, so make sure that it’s the best plan for you. Do some research before picking your insurer.

Just like with auto insurance, Nevada requires you to have a plan with a minimum of $15,000 for injury to one person in a motorcycle accident, $30,000 for an injury to two or more persons in an accident, and $10,000 for property damage in an accident. While you can simply just get the minimum, consider if your situation allows you to cover your bike and yourself more comprehensively while remaining affordable. More money invested earlier might help you during an injury down the road.

Getting Compensation for Personal Injury

Studies have clearly shown throughout the years that while not every motorcyclist gets into an accident, the chance of injury is substantially higher. If you get into an accident on your motorcycle and you are not seriously injured, be sure to treat it like an auto accident; exchange information with the other driver. Once you’re able, it’s important to file the claim with your insurance company as soon as possible.

Due to the stereotypes of motorcyclists’ unsafe driving habits, even the safest riders with clean records can have trouble getting the maximum claim from their insurance company or the insurance company of the party at fault. If you are unable to come to an appropriate settlement, especially if you feel as though the sole fact that you ride a motorcycle caused your poor compensation, you shouldn’t give up. If you have substantive proof that the liability falls solely or mostly (more than 50%) on the other driver, you can gain compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Your case will go to court, and it will determine how much you should get compensated and what percentage of fault each party is responsible for. This will ensure that you get the maximum settlement possible.

Don’t let insurance companies deprive you from what you deserve as a responsible motorcyclist. Call us at 702-474-0404 for a consultation and let us guide you along in the post-accident process.