Consumer Protection

Trachtman Law is on the side of consumers when it comes to protecting them from malicious business practices. Unfortunately, in today’s business environment, business fraud and deception occur more often than it should. Numerous laws are in place to protect consumers from a variety of unfair corporate actions. Trachtman Law can assist in upholding your consumer rights if you have been the victim of fraud, product liability, misrepresentation, or deceptive business practices. Regardless of the type of consumer rights violation, Trachtman will be on your side protecting your rights and providing you the best plan of action.

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When my rights were impacted, George fought hard to make sure I was not discriminated against. George never gave up. When a hearing did not go my way, George appealed the matter to District Court. When the District Court ruled in my favor, the opposing side appealed to the Supreme Court. However, George refused to give up. I believe that is the reason the opposing side finally decided to dismiss the appeal to the Supreme Court. George was on my side every step of the way. George is a wonderful attorney and I highly recommend him. He is definitely a strong fighter.