What’s my BAC?

DUI Las Vgas       I am often asked by clients, how many drinks does it take to reach the .08 level. The truth is that it depends on many factors including, but not limited to: your weight, your body structure, your sex, what you ate prior to drinking, how long ago you ate, the quantity of food in your system, what you drank, how your drink was prepared, and the number of drinks you had.    Other factors to consider is your metabolic rate and your health.   Therefore, your exact BAC may be impossible to determine without blood analysis.

Nonetheless, if you want to get a general estimate of your BAC you can check the web.   There are numerous applications that may assist.   For example, www.intox.com/default.aspx (Click on the Intox Drink Wheel) provides a good esimate.   However, just remember this is an estimate and it does not accurately reflect all the factors that impact a person’s BAC level.   For example, a 200 lb. man’s level may vary dramatically based upon whether the person ate a large meal or drank on an empty stomach.    Also, everyone knows a person who likes to pour a heavy drink.    Thus, that same 200 lb. man, will have a different BAC reading depending if a cheap bartender prepares his margarita or it was his generous friend providing an extra tequila shot.

To be safe, if you are an average male, you should limit yourself to two average drinks and if you are an average female, you should limit yourself to one average drink. Anything over that, have fun and enjoy, drink up, but DO NOT DRIVE.   Get a taxi or have a designated driver take you home.   Because remember, even if you feel safe to drive, your BAC may be rising and by the time an officer pulls you over, that BAC may be at its peak.

Just be careful.